What Is The SHE IS Mag?

We're excited to grow from SHE IS TAILORED to CLUBSHEIS.com. This CLUB is all about value, empowerment, and engagement. So even if you aren't part of the CLUB membership, you can still enjoy the style, finance, personal and professional branding and career guidance gems that we will be sharing with you every week through CLUB Mag.

Like other magazines, this isn't a one time read, this magazine is better read over time. So flag it, pin it or set a reminder to return to the mag and continue enjoying it.

The Mindset Issue

Success begins in the mind before we can see it happen in our lives. Where should we start if we want to build the financial and personal success that we dream of? In this week's Mag, we start with an overview of the mindset of success.

We also look at CLARITY and why it is important to clearly define your financial money goal is you want to achieve it in the next 3 years.

In the style section, we talk about the power dress and why women prefer suits over dresses when it comes to power dressing.

In fitness, we discuss the morning routine and how this 2 hour morning session can alter the way you concur your day! We'll also give you practical steps to introduce it into your daily schedule.

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It's a women's network dedicated to providing women with the tools, resources and support they need to start taking action to achieve their personal and professional goals.