Meet The Founder – Kopano Mocwane

Meet The Founder – Kopano Mocwane


I’m a serial entrepreneur, a digital marketing specialist, Influencer and the co-founder of

Club She Is, is one of 3 companies that I’m currently running at the moment. It is the meeting point of all of my passions, all of my businesses and all of my needs as a professional woman, living and working in South Africa.

My first love, TKBC, is an online brand and business coaching and consulting firm which predominantly focuses on training female entrepreneurs to build their own online personal and business brands and use that to propel their businesses (we also do some corporate work).

Through this business, I have met some amazing men and women who have built growing and thriving online businesses. This business has helped me identify the importance of having someone there to help you and empower you with the skills and strategies that you need to move to the next level.

My second love, She Is Tailored, is a concierge tailoring company that makes it possible for professional women to get tailored clothing delivered to their doorstep. I’ve personally been there for every client measurement and fitting session that we’ve ever had in this business.

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and talking to every corporate and professional woman who has ever bought from us. They were all passionate and driven women with purpose and power, we engaged in amazing conversations that I wish we could engage in on a regular basis.

My third love, Club She Is, is the meeting point of all of these realisations. In my years as an entrepreneur, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting people from different professionals and learn from people from all walks of life.


Kgothatso – She Is Tailored Client Fourways – Johannesburg

Thank you, thank you!!! This is my first suit

Fits perfectly… this won’t be the last of me

Thank you I’m definitely a happy client… my first proper suit means a lot!


Tshego – She Is Tailored Client Rosebank – Johannesburg

Hi Kopano. Thank you for making me feel beautiful on my special day.

Thank you. I loved it.

Thanks again. I appreciate your great service.


Mbali – TKBC Online Brand Consulting Coach – Johannesburg

Fear was an obstacle that almost stopped me from buying these services. After my first few consultations, I realised that there is a whole new world out there of engaging, communication and connecting with a new audience, customers and potential partners.

Through these services, I have learned how to build my business brand, create new business strategies and position my brand in a way that is most beneficial for my business. I would definitely recommend these services to other people, it’s worth investing in growing your online brand and reputation.

My favourite part of this process is the one on one meetings that help me to work through specific issues. This has been an amazing journey and the TKBC has totally changed the way I view my business and how I would like it to be perceived by a larger audience.


What Is

CLUB SHE IS, firstly, a network that constantly gives women the resources, tools and steps to help them achieve the style, wealth, personal power and prestige that they’ve always wanted to achieve. Every day we give our community high impact, step-by-step guides and content to help them build their personal style, professional brands, build businesses and generate wealth. PLUS every month, our members get personal coaching sessions to achieve the goals that they want to achieve.

Secondly, it is a place where women can get the coaching that they need to help them realise their personal power, take charge of their lives and move to the next level.

Thirdly, it is a place where women can network and gain friends in the right places without the fear of being rejected or being shut out.

It’s not just about conversations, it’s about action and making a real change to your personal and financial life.

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